Fun Ideas for a Great Personalized Light Switch Panel

At Acrylic Press, we offer customizable light switch panels decorated with the image of your choice. Once you’ve chosen a photo and received your personalized light switch panel in the mail, it can be easily installed to add some much-needed flair to any room in your home. The best part about decorating light switches is that you have a moment to focus on them every time you enter or leave a room.

While acrylic photo light switch panels will light up a room no matter which photo you choose, you don’t have to settle for any random old portrait. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination and help you choose the perfect image.


Use It as a Reminder

Maybe it’s a picture of your college graduation to remind you that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Or a picture of an inspiring authority figure to remind you to work hard and do your best every day. It could be a picture of a younger you to serve as a reminder to eat well, exercise, and get back in shape. Whatever message you choose to send to yourself with a light switch panel, you definitely won’t forget it.

Make It Room Appropriate

Light switch panels with personalized images can add to the character of a room by fitting perfectly within its theme. A panel in the bathroom might feature a photo of your children playing in the waves at the beach. Your kitchen might have a light switch of your family sitting around the dinner table, enjoying a particularly memorable Thanksgiving. Add one to every room to make exploring your home way more fun and interesting.

Make it a Face

We admit this is a little goofy. Take photos of yourself or one of your loved ones, just make sure it’s a great close-up centered right on your face. Position it just right and you could make a face into a light switch panel, flicking the nose up and down to activate the light. Kids are sure to get a kick out of this one.


At Acrylic Press, our products provide the best photo image quality on the web. Our light switch panels feature a glossy smooth surface, 3/16” thick grade “A” acrylic, and hand polished edges. Visit our website to place an order today.