Getting the Best from Instagram

In the world of photography, nothing feels better than a perfectly shot image displayed in its natural and unadulterated grandeur. However, there are times when a bit of help is needed in enhancing the quality of a photo depending on how it will be used. With the availability and increasing popularity of countless photo editing platforms such as Instagram, Photoshop, and other such relevant software, people are instantly tempted to tweak some image elements to draw more attention. Some do it for pure fun whilst others for professional or commercial purposes. Either way, the purpose is to achieve more impact and recognition from the viewers.

Based on current trends, Instagram is becoming more popular not only in photography circles but also amongst mobile device users. It’s an app that has been created purposely for photos, and the great thing about it is that it gives its users most of the tools necessary for creating stunning images in an easy to digest manner. The reason people use Instagram may vary significantly from person to person. For example, some like to take shots of their daily life to share with the world and rack up “like”s. We at AcrylicPress use it for business because we sell products that translate well in photos. It makes it easy to generate awesome acrylic prints and digital artwork – In our trade, filters and effects are indispensable due to the unconventional surfaces photos are imprinted on.

One important thing to remember about Instagram is that the photos that get the most likes and interaction are the ones with the most vivid colors. A great black and white shot can be amazing and the right filter can remove years of wrinkles and sun damage from a selfie. But in general, editing your photos for optimum color resolution will create the best photos by Instagram standards.

The Lo-fi filter is effective for giving your photos a highly-contrasted, vivid edge.

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