Get in the Zone with Black-and-White

Black and white photos have a special appeal all their own. Perhaps it’s the effortless antiquity, or the stark contrast of myriad different grays that draws the eye. Whatever the case, knowing how to take a truly gorgeous black and white picture is the mark of a good photographer. Hit the jump for some inspiration from one of the best.

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5 Ways Acrylic Can Boost Your Photo Print Sales

In a market that has recently become saturated with canvas and metal prints, many consumers still don’t know what an acrylic print is. This presents an incredible opportunity for professional photographers to generate sales and profit and introduce their customers to this medium.

Although canvas and metal prints have become industry standards, acrylic prints are fast becoming the go-to alternative. Acrylic boasts several qualities that simply can’t be matched. The following five reasons prove that as a professional photographer you should be offering this alternative to your clients.

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